Thursday, May 14, 2009

"No, No!"

Caleb has started saying "No, no" every time he sees something he's not supposed to touch. The remote controls, the computer, the trash can, each time it's "No, no, no, no." It's as if he is reminding himself to stay away.
It got me thinking, this should be our reaction to those temptations we come up to. How would we respond differently if we gave ourselves a "no, no" right away!

Joseph ran from the seduction by Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39); that's a "No, no." Jesus immediately spoke against Peter's rebuke (Mark 8:31-33); that's a "No, no." David didn't turn away at the sight of Bathsheeba bathing on the roof (2 Samuel 11); that's ummm, no "No, no." :). Joseph ended up 2nd in command of all Egypt. Jesus, uh... King of Kings! :) David was King of Isreal and remained king after his failure with Bathsheeba, but he also endured the death of a son, the rape of a daughter, the insurrection of a son, and a lot of family bickering. He quickly learned that "no, no" is a much better response.

I think I'd get into a lot less trouble if I said a "no, no" each time I met up with something God has declared wrong. When I get frustrated with my husband and want to speak rudely, "No, no." When I see that dial push past the speed limit, "No, no." Hit a channel with unGodly content, "No, no." Hear the neighbors' gossip, "No, no." Hear the couch beckoning instead of the dishes, "No, no."

Hmmm...lesson learned from my 1 year old son!


Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

That's so true! That's one smart toddler you have! Hmm, I'm gonna start walking around saying "no, no" to myself whenever temptation arises. Maybe this could help me get over my caffeine addiction I'm trying to break :)

Lauren McClain said...

Ha! I love it! I miss you, Becca!!!

Angel said...

Thats awesome!! What a great life lesson, and from the mouths of Babes!

Janna said...

Hi Becca!

I found your blog through babycenter and I love your devotional about "no, no."

I have a one year old daughter who is doing the same thing so it made it even more enjoyable to read.

I just started a blog about 6 weeks agon. Feel free to visit. I am a Christian also.