Saturday, April 18, 2009


We actually dedicated Caleb back in November, but I am just now getting to recording Pen's pray for him. I really like how our church performs baby dedications. Pastor Bruce explains the purpose of it and why the difference from baby baptisms, he introduces the babies and allow the moms to tell why they chose the name, the parents verbally agree to the dedication, and finally the dad's say a prayer over their baby. Here's Pen's prayer...

"Father God, We thank You for entrusting Caleb's life to us. We dedicate his life to You today. We submit our lives to You, let it be Your righteousness, Your wisdom, Your strength, Your instruction, Your provision, Your protection, and Your favor that he will see through us. In Your name, we crush any work of the enemy that will otherwise deter the plans You have set for him. Let him learn early in life that You alone are his salvation, his Lord, his Portion, and Everything he needs. Let him understand the depth of Your love, grace and mercy that You have reached out to each tribe and tongue. Let him be a seeker of truth, that Your word shall be his daily bread, the light to the path You have laid before him. Lead him and guide him for Your name's sake. Let prayer and praise be continually on his lips. Let him be a warrior for Christ, a winner of souls, a servant to others. As he grows in Christ, reveal more of Your character to him that he may find the purpose of his life more meaningful and complete. May his entire life be worship to You alone, daily living in obedience to Your Word...that Caleb may live his name, and You may find him ever faithful to You. All these things we ask and claim in Jesus Christ, Amen."

My personal favorite line... "that Caleb may live his name, and You may find him ever faithful to You."
I'll have to come back and explain the meaning of his name.
I'm blessed to have a husband that seeks Him as he parents and prays the Word of God over our son.

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