Monday, February 2, 2009

Honoring Our Children

I've been reading a book my dad gave me for Christmas called "Honor's Reward" by John Bevere. There is so much I'm learning from it. I just finished the chapter that speaks of honoring our children, explaining one way we honor them is by training and discipling them. Since Caleb is now old enough to understand some of what we're saying, I've started to implement training throughout our day. I mentioned in an earlier post, , that I'm teaching him to understand "no sir", to look at me when I call for him, and most recently to come to me when I ask him. Basically, we're starting the early forms of obedience. We do this whether we are playing with toys, eating lunch, changing diapers. I've learned that consistency is essential.

There are times when I ask him to "come to mommy" and he doesn't (actually, most of the time he doesn't; he's still learning what those words mean), so I physically go get him and bring him where he needed to be. I explain to him "when mommy tells you to come to her, you need to crawl to where she is like this." There are times when I ask him to "come to mommy" and of course he doesn't, I honestly just want to forget that I told him to "come" and let him keep playing for a few more minutes instead. But I don't want him to learn that it's ok to ignore me, so I keep at it.

Bevere's description of honoring our children through training and discipline was such an encouragement for me. I honestly never thought of this simple training as a form of honor, but I guess it is. It shows a parents love and respect for their children, that they are willing to do what is necessary to help their child be fully equipped for the future. And it that honor brings forth a reward, for both parent and child.

Yesterday was the first time that I asked Caleb to "come to mommy" and he did, even when it was very visible that he didn't want to. He gave this little sigh, looked back at what he was previously aiming for (the stairs) and instead heading towards me. Of course he got lots of praise for his obedience and self control. I get the reward of a child who is learning to walk this life with Godly character and wisdom.

"The rod and rebuke give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother." Proverbs 29:15

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