Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arms Open Wide

When Caleb was younger I remember looking forward to the time when he could hold his arms up to show me he wanted me to hold him. I'm thrilled that he's reached that age and it's just as great as I had hoped. It's really all about communication. Caleb can't speak (well, other than the occasional "uh-oh," "dadadada" and "bye-bye"), but when he holds his arms out, he's "telling" me a great deal. "I want you." "I need you." "I'm content with you." "I love you."

I'm his mom, an adult, that will do what is necessary and provide all he needs whether he "tells" me these things or not. I do not place a condition on my provision. Maybe that makes it even more special when he holds out his arms for me or snuggles up to me at bedtime, I'm not forcing it yet he chooses to communicate those things out of a genuine desire and need of me.

If I feel this way, how much more my heavenly Father. I've always loved the prayer Jesus prays the night before His crucifixion. I think it gives such insight of the love and desire of Christ. He talks about wanting us...His creation to be unified with Him. Wow. The Bible is full of examples of how far God is willing to go to gain that unity, that communication and fellowship with us. There's no doubt how much He wants us. As I was looking forward to Caleb being able and willing to communicate with me...God is doing the same.

We're formed with His specific plan, created with the necessary gifts to achieve it. I imagine as we're placed in the arms of our parents, God begins His wait for that little one to open his arms wide to Him, to begin showing their genuine desire and need of Him, to begin allowing Him to continue molding us and preparing us for our individual service. No wonder "the heavens rejoice" when we first open our arms to Him. Whether we're 5 or 45, He rejoices.

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