Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I need to figure out a better system. I am actually journaling a lot more than it seems. I have at least 20 posts started but not ready to officially post (the number could be closer to 40, I just don't want to count them all!)  I just can't seem to get them right.  if this were a regular journal, I would write them the way they initially come out and move on.  Something about pushing that "publish post" button makes me want to review and review until I'm confident I said what I wanted to say.

I am so glad when I finish one.  I love that I can look back through my old lessons/prayers as a reminder (or to act as a progress report).

Maybe the unfinished posts means I haven't learned all I need to learn in those particular areas... or at least enough to write about them.  Surely I'll get them eventually! 

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