Sunday, June 7, 2009

Abba, Father

Today Pen and I were having lunch with Caleb and he wasn't wanting to eat his greenbeans. It is unusual for Caleb to push his nose up to food (unless maybe too hot/spicy). Pen took some off of his plate, ate them and that was encouragement enough for Caleb to eat them too. He ended up eating his whole plate of greenbeans!

Afterwards, Pen told me, "I bet that's how God wants us to be with Him. He wants us to so admire and look up to Him that we want to follow in His footsteps. To do what He does." (Ok, that's not verbatim, but anyone who knows my memory, knows a general recap is all you're gonna get!)

Anyway, I like the thought. Caleb really does look up to his dad. Pen can easily get him to try new words, new food, accomplish a new skill, all by doing it first himself and encouraging Caleb to follow. Caleb so admires his dad, that he wants to do what he does. How many times in the Bible does it say we should be more like Him? How often do we actually try that? How often do we lose sight of Him completely?

When you think about it, the very fact that The King of kings, The Creator, The Beginning of all, and The End of all would even imply that we can be like Him is too awesome to put to words. He says it's possible. He has only good qualities to emulate. He is our Abba, Father (as a past worship leader called Him, "Daddy, God"), wanting us to look up to Him, watch His actions and His character, and follow behind in His footsteps. Just like Caleb tries to follow behind his daddy's steps, I have a someone to follow too.
The fact that Caleb looks up to Pen so much just makes him so proud. How much more proud of us is our Abba, Father, when we look up to Him as well.

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Adventure Mom Janna said...

So true. So beautiful.

I think we have a lot in common.

Glad Caleb is saying thank you. Such important words that too few ever learn.